Add-Ons & Special Features

(customize your party)

Photo Booth

(See our main menu for more details)

Full event duration! Prints & Emailing!

Large group shots and green screen effect

$495 add-on to any DJ package

$795 as a single (separate service)

"Lowest cost" recorded VIDEO COVERAGE!

(For wedding ceremonies)

2 choices when buying any DJ package:

Editing included

ONE - 2 cameras, single viewpoint (wide and closeup)

simple Video of wedding ceremony, with clear direct audio - $299

TWO -  3 camera angle Video of the Ceremony, 4 cameras used total - $495



$95 (add-on to any DJ package)

Karaoke (as a separate event service) = $399

Slideshows / Video Montage creation


Enhance your party with nostaligic visual displays that will

have the guests talking about it all night

2 slideshow examples

2 custom monogram examples

Monogram or Company Logo display


$75  to  $195

(Choose a simple Name and date / picture,

or custom made looping animation)

Double the BASS!



Add two more Sub-Woofers to the speaker system!



(Various prices / inquire)

(Full Room  or  head table only colour enhancement)

“Guestbook” Videos

Your guests leave you on-camera video messages recorded throughout your event

(rather than just write signatures in a book)

$100 (camera / audio / recording / editing)

$195 (with backdrop & lighting)

Trivia games & Game Shows


 $45 to $295

Cellphone & Buzzer based, group or solo players

(A large variety of games - Inquire for more details)

We will be posting examples as soon as possible

Great for preliminary activities, ice breakers, or determining table order for dinner

Retro video game “kiosk”



(70’s to 90’s arcade games & various home consoles played on an 80 inch projection screen)


Give your guests some alternate things to do during the party!

Free, complimentary Live Video Chats & demos

to help you make the right choices!