Wedding Live Streams

Prices & details

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Three Wedding Live Stream packages to choose from:​

Wedding package ONE:

Roaming Camera - $499

A mobile viewing perspective

Wedding package TWO:

Multi-Camera package - $799

Best coverage without extra audio

Wedding package THREE:

Complete - $999

The simplest, full featured option

Important things to know

about streaming

Video Switching / Live Projection:

(for receptions)

Corporate meeting style

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Wedding package one:

Roaming Camera - $499

A mobile viewing perspective


- 1 hour stream time for the Ceremony portion

- Data provider cost included in price

- 20 minutes optional pre or post ceremony interviews / behind the scenes

- 1 mobile, manned "monopod" camera


- Internet Hotspot / Data access even in remote locations

- Fully produced with live graphics, titles & other media content

- Countdown timer: Allows viewers to know when ceremony starts precisely

- Private Hosted webpage

- Guestbook / Chat on same screen as video stream

- PDF file with all viewer comments

- Automatic reminders sent to notify viewers when stream begins

- No copyright concerns with stream


- Direct audio recording from on site DJ (with permission)

- Backup “Nat Sound” shotgun mic

- 720p live stream with immediate viewing

-  Viewer download copy of stream possible once complete


- High quality, fully edited HD copy delivered after the event


- Option to add 1 to 2 (max) additional cameras to expand on coverage (example: Reverse shot from the “arch”, or left / right the front area). $95 each


Why choose this option?

- If you are looking for the lowest cost option, but want a reliably produced stream without risk of being cut off.


- Optimal for smaller gatherings and multiple locations within the general area


- If you have a DJ / sound tech supplying audio, it saves you $200


- If you would like before / after ceremony walk arounds to various locations to visit with or show the area & people attending to online viewers


- A simpler video result, yet much better quality than someone taking video from their seat, with clear audio


- Reliable “bonded” internet that assures stream connection without dropouts in out of town areas


- Better suited to outdoor ceremonies & less “planned” events

Options for this package:

- Need more stream time? $75 per half hour (data provider costs)


- Want a few more cameras to expand on coverage? $95 per camera (max two).

Examples: A reverse shot from the “arch” showing closeup of couple and front rows of audience, or left / right the front area allowing for wideshot / closeup shots of the main area of interest.


NOTE: If you have a DJ or sound tech for the crowd already, we can take a feed of that audio (with their cooperation) for free. Otherwise you would need to get an audio package from VideoTekk ($199) which includes P.A., Mics, as well as wireless transmitters to send and receive all audio.


We would run your music cues for you as well... Performing the DJ’s function. This is actually much better as we can then guarantee there will be no unforseen quality issues with both the video AND audio portions!

8 - wedding bridemaids.jpg

Wedding package Two:

Multi-Camera package - $799

Best coverage without extra audio / expense


- 1 hour stream time for the Ceremony portion

- Data provider cost included in price

- 20 minutes optional pre or post ceremony interviews / behind the scenes

- Internet Hotspot / Data access even in remote locations


- 5 to 6 remote controlled “Pan Tilt Zoom” cameras (no cameramen in the way) and gives full control over framing adjustment, focus, brightness, etc). This allows more viewing perspectives than the number of cameras themselves since they can be positioned differently live!


- All cameras operated remotely, so no cameraman in the way!

- Best ability to document the event with several viewpoints available at all times... Like watching regular TV! No one else offers this!

- Fully produced with live graphics, titles & media content


- Private Hosted webpage

- Guestbook / Chat on same screen as video stream

- PDF file with all viewer comments

- Automatic reminders sent to viewers when stream begins


- Countdown timer and live preview shots let viewers know when things will happen

- No copyright concerns (and the resulting problems) interfering with the stream

- Additional client supplied media can be included

- Upcoming “Wedding message” can be added to welcome viewers before the event


- Direct audio recording from on site DJ (with permission)

- Backup “Nat Sound” shotgun mic

- 720p live stream with immediate viewing

-  Viewer download copy of stream possible once complete


- High quality, fully edited HD copy delivered after the event

- Free advance site inspection (in Calgary)


Why choose this option?


- You receive NOT ONLY a live stream, but a fully produced full length edited video the same as with “traditional” Videographers... But at a 1/4 of the associated costs they charge! 2 products in one for the same low price!


Note: Regular videographers typically charge $2500 to $5000 for a 5 minute “highlights” video. VideoTekk gives you FULL LENGTH coverage of everything that happens!


- Enjoy your video much more quickly! Immediate viewing for remote participants sake to feel part of the occasion via the stream.


Just a few days later to receive the entire fully edited final product! Normally you would wait months for traditional Videographers to complete the job before you saw ANYTHING!


- We give you several viewpoints via multiple remote controlled cameras and shots are fully adjustable for greatest viewing interest in both the live stream as well as the edit! “Regular” videographers can only give you two views at the most.


- We do not get in the way with small cameras discretely placed and remote controlled. No cameraman stands in anyone’s line of sight!


- With viewing perspectives are covered from several angles, you get best coverage, even multiple angles on the screen at once! You will enjoy reliving your big day and see things and reactions you never saw originally! This makes for a good investment as you will want to re-watch it for years to come!

5 - kiss wedding.jpg

Wedding package Three:

Complete - $999

The simplest, full featured and highest quality option


- Everything from the “Multi-Camera” package two (see those details)


Additional features include:

IMPORTANT - All audio concerns are taken care of... No extra DJ or facility tech needed. Best results are when we can guarantee how both the audio and video is handled. This is more important than you might realize!

- If you utilize another DJ for your sound, they are quite often little concerned about how the audio for the video is handled since it is not “their responsibility”. It can be anything from “ok” to “disastrous” for results. Using VideoTekk for the audio as well ensures there is no “what if” factor... Proper sound is essential to having a watchable video!

- Music cues are handled (the “DJ” functions)


- P.A. and wireless mics, additional wireless audio device transmitters supplied

- Ability to mic and mix any musicians performing for the ceremony


- Everything can operate on Battery power outdoors in remote locations if need be... You won’t be limited in where you can have your ceremony!

- This package is the simplest and best overall choice. You don't have to think about options, or wonder how audio and video might be integrated between vendors... We plan everything out and ensure everything will be in place before the event without compromises. No surprises from the facility used, and no problems interfacing with other vendors or equipment on site. Completely worry free! Just book this and you need not give it another thought!


- Add Live Streaming Reception coverage as desired by simply adding time: $150 an hour! NO additional setup charges for another location.

Typical reception speeches and activities last one to two hours, so this is an unbeatable value from VidepTekk to include all the gear, portability, in a second setup without charging a typical flat rate to have a second location which starts at $1000 with other corporate services! We give you by far your best COMPLETE Wedding day video coverage at a fraction of the price of others!

7 - b&w wedding.jpg

Important notes to Streaming:


Streams typically begin 20 minutes before actual "start time" to allow for verified connection to video host, mailing of links to viewers, and people joining in time to see the very start


If you do not have a DJ or sound Tech, you will need to add Wireless mics and an optional vocal P.A. System for the audience present.  This includes any music cues needed, in conjunction with your coordinator. Mics & P.A. is $199. NOTE: Our top of the line package "Complete" (includes this).


Just want a recording??? No internet in the area? We can reduce the price of any package $99 since data will not be used. The same multi-camera viewpoints and full visual effects and other features will still be present.


Travel Outside Calgary  is calculated at .41 cents a km, one way. Beyond 3 hours away, add a (previous night) hotel fee of $150. to ensure we get there and have enough time to setup and test. NOTE: Drives to Airdrie, Okotoks, Cochrane range are within a FREE travel range.

Projectors & Screen rental / Live Video Switching:



To see the head table or stage clearly from any seat, and to view media presentations is why you might consider Video Switching and live Camerawork in-room.

This is different from our streaming services where everything is displayed in the same room without any delay... A perfect mirror of the events taking place. A different workflow and technical requirements are present.

When shooting for the intention of streaming, you can often produce more complex "shows" online with pre-production: but this comes with a delay of 45 seconds to a minute behind the action taking place. Realtime Video has different requirements to be projected live in the same room and is therefore priced differently.

Note: Video is recorded by default, but can also be streamed as well if desired


If screens are not being supplied by the facility, we have them available to rent from VideoTekk. We have two sizes of screens: 3 feet vertical and 6 feet horizontal on high elevated stands, and large 15ft wide screens lower to the ground. We pair that with our standard 4200 lumin projectors for good visual quality even in a partially lit room.

Rental Prices:

Note: We can help plan out your event to figure out the actual requirements. The prices shown here are for some of the pieces involved and a starting point on knowing what actual costs could be.

4200 lumin Projectors are $125 each

3x6 screen is $95


12 foot screen, front or rear projection capable - $245


COMBO DEAL 1: Two 3x6 screens & projectors, cabling, delivery & setup = $395 (save $45)


COMBO DEAL 2: Two 12 foot screens, two projectors, cabling, delivery & setup - $595, (save $145 together)


- Video feed to any existing room screens: SDI & HDMI Cable, Converter boxes - $75

- Hardware Video Switcher (up to 4 sources): $95

- Hardware Video Switcher (up to 8 sources): $195

- Unmanned Camera on a tripod: $95 each

- (Coming soon): remote controlled PTZ Cameras: $250

- Manned Cameras (in Calgary only): $350 each