1. Video Switching - Pro show production

  2. Media presentation live to screen

  3. Advanced Multi-Camera Live streaming

  4. Recorded Video and editing



$495 (and up) - Custom configuration

This utilizes "conference style" equipment and techniques to shoot video and project it to screens in the same room with no delay between the "stage" and the images on screen for live presentation purposes.

All video is "Live Switched", recorded and can be delivered "as is" or edited further

"Remote guests" and Live streaming is also an option.

P.A., Mics, Screens & Projectors are all "Ala Carte" custom configuration

- 2 or more Live Camera & media feeds (such as powerpoint or video playback) are sent to either to existing facility screens.

For other purposes or greater technical feature requirements,

Inquire. We can customize according to your needs.

Free, complimentary Live Video Chats & demos

to help you make the right choices!



Projector & Screen rental

For media playback & Live Video Switching

To see the head table or stage clearly from any seat,

and to view other media presentations is why you

might consider live Switching and Shooting video live in-room.


If screens are not being supplied by the facility,

we have them available to rent.

We have 2 sizes of screens:

ONE - 3 feet vertical and 6 feet horizontal

on high elevated stands, front projection only

TWO - very large 15ft wide screens lower to the

ground / suitable for a stage. Front or rear projection capable


We pair screens with our standard 4200 lumin projectors

for good visual quality even in a partially lit room.


4200 lumin Projectors are $125 each


3x6 screen is $100

15 foot giant screen - $250

COMBO DEAL 1: Two 3x6 screens & projectors,

cabling, delivery & setup = $350 (save $100)

COMBO DEAL 2: Two 15 foot screens, two projectors,

cabling, delivery & setup - $600, (save $150 together)


Video feed to any installed screens:

SDI & HDMI Cable, Converter boxes - $75

- Hardware Video Switcher (up to 4 sources): $100

- Hardware Video Switcher (up to 8 sources): $200

- Unmanned HD Camera on a tripod: $100 each

- Manned, Pro HD cameras: $300 each