"Do it yourself" DJ package

If you want to have full control in making your own playlist of music

for your party, with simple but effective lighting displays.

We deliver, set-up (1 hour prior to the start), & take down immediately after

You provide the music on your own devices

This video shows you roughly what to expect! As you can see, it is similar to our "Standard" wedding package!


You get a simple, bright, & colourful light show which is good enough for something as important as a wedding... Yet delivered at a very low price point and giving you complete control over your event!

This video shows the "default" rental plus the "double up"

lighting option (described above).


All lighting is a single button press and automatically takes cares of itself, so DJing your own party is SIMPLE! Just pick what music you want to play and it all sounds and looks good!


  • 4hrs time (typical dance duration)

  • The same High Quality gear we normally use for all events

  • Full range speakers with Subwoofers for Maximum impact

  • Mixer with 1 wireless mic, 1 wired included

  • 2 automatic, beat detecting, light tripods with single button press operation

  • Connections & cables for your music playback via computer, phone, etc


30% percent deposit

The balance is due when we arrive to setup

Setup in Calgary is free. Travel to setup outside Calgary is extra,

.41cents a km (calculated both ways)

If there is damage / loss, you are responsible for repair / replacement costs

Should you require Wifi for music, you must ensure the venue provides it


  • Need more time? Add $50hr

  • Add additional Wireless mic(s) for $25 per mic

  • “Double up” on lighting for $100 (3 tripods of room filling colours) and two "Quad" FX lights in total

  • Should you require SOLID & reliable wifi / internet for your music playback, we can provide that for $150