$595 (and up) - geared to wedding requirements

"Conference Style" production - shoot video and project it to screens in the same room with no delay between the "stage" and the images on screen.

starting price point of $595 includes:

  • 3 cameras: A wide shot, podium shot, and a manned camera picking up movement & closeups

  • 4 input video switcher

  • Laptops and media players for various playback

  • Video is live switched and recorded. You get a "head & tail" trimmed video delivered digitally after the event

  • Wireless video transmitters for cable free camera positioning

  • Client supplied video, slideshows, powerpoint, Karaoke, Games, etc can be displayed

  • On screen titling and effects

  • Video feed to existing In-Room screens

  • NOTE - Mics and P.A. are required (via our DJ package) or separate vendor

Options and additional features include:


  • ISO recording, additional post editing

  • Video feed to our rental projection screens

  • Basic white Lighting for "set"

  • Live streaming ability

  • Remote guests that can interact with the in-room audience

  • Green screen effects & virtual sets

  • Additional cameras / angles can be added

  • 8 input video switcher, Vmix, and NDI cameras for large events are available

For other purposes or greater technical requirements, Inquire.

We customize according to your needs. Our price is far below corporate rates.

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  1. Video Switching - Pro show production

  2. Media presentation live to screen

  3. Advanced Multi-Camera Live streaming

  4. Recorded Video and editing