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Services & Pricing

Complete overview

This is a temporary listing of all services and prices until we finish updating our website

with all details, examples, pricing on a single page with each particular service.

Free, complimentary Live Video Chats & demos

to help you make the right choices!

Budget DJ packages

For general parties, smaller gatherings and shorter lengths - (not for weddings)

Music only - $295

Event ambience / bar pricing - 4 hours duration

Birthday / Anniversary Party - $595

A nice party presentation geared to small rooms or pub size spaces

- 5 hours duration, PA, mics, lighting

"Do it Yourself" DJ - $495

This option If you want to have full control in making your own playlist

of music for your party, and do not require fancy lighting displays.

- 4 hours time

- Setup and takedown provided

- Outside Calgary, (add travel fee)


Wedding / Office party DJ packages

Designed for the requirements of Weddings

from 6 to 8 hours duration

Standard - $995

High quality production for the lowest price!

- 6 hrs duration - Our quality "budget saver" option

- Mics / music / lighting / cues for dinner / cocktails / reception

 Save $$ if you do not require the ceremony, and or want "simpler" lighting fx

Deluxe - $1395

Everything you need for Ceremony, Dinner, Cocktails, & Reception

- 8 hours duration

- Mics / music / lighting / cues with a "jaw dropping" dance lightshow

Choose either of the above and qualify to

receive a Photobooth for $200 off the regular price!

Photobooth add-on is just $495 instead of $795,

full event length duration with prints!

(not by the hour as with others) - Calgary's best deal!


Advanced DJ productions

(Best presentation quality - Displays like you've never seen

at a private party! We beat every other "high end" DJ in Calgary)


Music Video / Karaoke Dance party - $1495

Combine dance lighting with a giant 15ft Music Video display,

which can be used for additional presentation purposes also (such as

projecting live cameras, karaoke, slideshows and media playback)


"Ultimate Dance floor" - $1799 

The VERY BEST Dance visuals & excitement

True High end production for the most exciting dance floor!


Theme Party Packages


Karaoke party - $399 for 4hrs 

At home or anywhere! DJ music in between singers

“Drive-in” movie party - $595

2hrs preliminary DJ music and a full length movie on a 15ft screen!

“Black Light” Dance party - $595

Great for a teen party, halloween, or a distinct look - 4hrs

Includes our "gigbar" and UV lights along with lasers!

Game Show Party - $695

Experience being in a game show!

A variety of games & customizable trivia to suit your crowd - 4hrs

(also available as a smaller addition to an existing package)



Add-Ons & Special Features

(customize your party)


Photo Booth - (Calgary's best deal)

Full event duration! Prints & Emailing!

Large group shots and green screen effect

$495 add-on to any DJ package

$795 as a single (separate service)

NEW! "Lowest cost" recorded VIDEO COVERAGE!

2 choices when buying any DJ package:

Ceremony only, Editing included

ONE - Dual cameras, simple Video of wedding ceremony,

with clear mic'd and direct audio - $245

TWO -  3 camera angle Video of the Ceremony - $495

Karaoke - $95 (add-on to DJ package)

Karaoke (as a separate event service) = $399


Slideshows / Video Montage creation -  $95

(enhance your party with visual displays that will

have the guests talking about it all night)


Monogram or Company Logo display - $75 to $195

(Choose a simple Name and date / picture,

or custom made looping animation)

Double the BASS! - $95

Add two more Sub-Woofers!


2nd location PA - $95

Outdoor battery powered PA, Mics / 2nd location


Uplighting (Various prices / inquire)

(Full Room or head table only colour enhancement)


“Guestbook” Videos

(Your guests leave you on-camera video

messages throughout your event)

$195 (camera / audio / recording)

$295 (with backdrop & lighting)

Trivia games & Game Shows - $45 to $295

Cellphone & Buzzer based, group or solo players


Retro video game “kiosk” - $145

(70’s to 90’s arcade games / home consoles on

an 80 inch projection screen) - For the duration of your event



Video Production from “VideoTekk”

Video Switching - Pro show production

Media presentation live to screen

Advanced Multi-Camera Live streaming

Recorded Video and editing


Recorded & Live Stream coverage

This is NOT "Zoom" or like other Videographers: This is professional

mobile "TV" production unlike any other business in Alberta

We are the exclusive providers - results that far surpass others.

What the "competition" gives you is NOT the same thing as what we do!

You get not only the Stream, but a full duration

High quality, HD Re-edited Video afterwards

Both options include an initial Hour & 15 minutes Data,

Dual or Triple reinforced mobile Internet connection (to avoid disconnections)

Custom created Video host and guestbook

High quality audio with multiple microphone positions

TWO high quality products for one price far below normal videographers

Our "Streams" take it to a whole new level

"ROAMING" Camera stream & recording

$595 - The budget minded, dual camera, Single viewpoint,

"walk around" coverage option. Ceremony only.

- Great for catching preliminary, pre & post ceremony activities,

and the ability to go anywhere as needed to capture!

"ROAMING" Camera stream with extra coverage

$795 - As above, but including 2 additional camera viewpoints

(total of 3 cameras) for smoother and more interesting coverage

PRO Multi-Camera stream & recording

$1295 - Top recommended package if you wish to remember

every detail of your ceremony - Just like TV!

- Superior viewing you'll treasure for years after!

Remote controlled multi-cam (up to NINE), Ceremony only

- Full audio production: Backups, Mics & PA, Music cues handled

- We are Alberta's exclusive provider! No one else offers this!


Option for  the above:

RECORD (not stream) the Reception too?

$499 for up to 3 hours more on site - All editing is included!

Recorded Multi-Camera Video

(non streaming)

Traditional "record & edit style Videography for those that

do not wish to stream and save a few $ (not paying for Data),

You choose the amount of camera angles used from simple to extensive coverage

$ 250   (2 cameras) "Aisle shot"

$ 499   (3 cameras) "Roaming camera + essential angles"

$ 799   (7 cameras, complete coverage)


Any option beats other Videographer services by far!

Others cost far more & give you a MAX of just 2 camera perspectives!


Feature summary: (Recording only)

- Ceremony only

- Full length, EDITED video delivered

- Multiple viewpoints used to catch all reactions adds to viewing interest

- Several sources of audio used to ensure you hear everything clearly

- Lighting used / supplied as needed

- Backups for all essential equipment to guarantee nothing is missed

- Digital delivery of final product within 2 weeks


RECORD (not stream) the Entire Reception

(speeches, first dances, other activities) for just $499 more!

This includes all recording on the amount of cameras you chose, audio gear,

second setup, editing, possible head table and podium lighting (as needed)

LIVE Camera PROJECTION for receptions

$495 (and up)

- 2 or more Live Camera & media feeds sent to existing facility screens, audio & recording

We can also provide screens / projectors (see rentals)

For other purposes or greater technical feature requirements,

Inquire. We can customize according to your needs.




Projector & Screen rental

For media playback & Live Video Switching

To see the head table or stage clearly from any seat,

and to view other media presentations is why you

might consider live Switching and Shooting video live in-room.


If screens are not being supplied by the facility,

we have them available to rent.

We have 2 sizes of screens:

ONE - 3 feet vertical and 6 feet horizontal

on high elevated stands, front projection only

TWO - very large 15ft wide screens lower to the

ground / suitable for a stage. Front or rear projection capable


We pair screens with our standard 4200 lumin projectors

for good visual quality even in a partially lit room.


4200 lumin Projectors are $125 each


3x6 screen is $100

15 foot giant screen - $250

COMBO DEAL 1: Two 3x6 screens & projectors,

cabling, delivery & setup = $350 (save $100)

COMBO DEAL 2: Two 15 foot screens, two projectors,

cabling, delivery & setup - $600, (save $150 together)


Video feed to any installed screens:

SDI & HDMI Cable, Converter boxes - $75

- Hardware Video Switcher (up to 4 sources): $100

- Hardware Video Switcher (up to 8 sources): $200

- Unmanned HD Camera on a tripod: $100 each

- Manned, Pro HD cameras: $300 each

NEW!! - Budget Photography

Special introductory offer!
Wedding Ceremony & Reception Photos (only)

- "Sounds Delicious" wants to help fill the gap between
ridiculously overpriced photographers and

reasonable prices the average person can afford

while giving LOTS of good quality photos.

Note: This is not full day coverage. To meet the lowest budget

we document the ceremony & reception only

Starting at an incredible $599!!!

(1 photographer)

2 Photographers just $1199!!


Note: We do not travel to Kananaskis, Canmore, Banff, or any provincial park due to unfair additional fees imposed in those areas which would add $600 to your bill! We don't call that "Budget"!

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