Recorded Video

Traditional "record & edit style Videography (non-streaming) for those that do not wish to stream and save a few $ (not paying for Data),

You choose the amount of camera angles used from simple to extensive coverage

Choice 1 - ​$295

Two Camera Recording

(NOTE - This is only available as a discount "combo" option if you have a DJ package with us)

- One camera angle: This is a wide shot and a closeup shot with clear audio, shooting straight up the aisle, with quality audio

- Basic coverage: but it gives you memories of the ceremony for the very lowest possible price rather than having none

Choice 2 - $495

4 camera recording

(Essential angles)

(NOTE - This discounted option is only available as a separate service outside of prime wedding months June, July, Aug). Available at all times if you have a DJ package or book a video reception recording to go with the ceremony.

- The low budget choice for a wedding which does not require live streaming

- The most important viewing angles which gives greater watchability, while keeping to a low budget

Choice 3 - $995

8 Camera recording

(Complete coverage)

The Top recommended recording (not streaming) package if you wish to remember every detail

This is just like TV! A HUGE difference over any other service! This choice is the reason that we beat the competition and give you results no one else can provide!


NOTE: The streaming version gives you 9 remote controlled cameras and the data usage as well as bonus website for viewers.

Option for any choice:

RECORD the Reception also

$495 for all events until the start of the dance

All editing is included!

With this addition, you will be able to relive your complete wedding experience for years to come!

This is MUCH more coverage than what you receive from most Videographers that charge $4000 and up!

This includes all recording on the amount of cameras you chose, any audio gear as part of our DJ service, editing, & possible head table and podium lighting (as needed)

View site on desktop PC for best results

A Five Camera example

Behind the scenes of the above

A Three Camera example

Reception Excerpt:

Reception Excerpt: The Dance

Feature summary:

  • Ceremony only recording (with options for the reception)

  • Full length, EDITED video delivered in HD quality

  • Multiple viewpoints greatly adds to viewing interest

  • Several sources of audio to ensure you hear everything clearly

  • Lighting used / supplied as needed (indoors)

  • Backups for all essential equipment to guarantee problem free recording

  • Digital delivery of final product within 2 weeks

We are the exclusive multi-camera providers

Coverage that far surpasses others.

What the "competition" gives you is NOT the same thing as what we do!

This is not merely a 5 minute "highlight"

Full duration recordings so you can relive every moment.

Free, complimentary Live Video Chats & demos

to help you make the right choices!

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  2. Media presentation live to screen

  3. Advanced Multi-Camera Live streaming

  4. Recorded Video and editing