Services & Pricing

Nov 14 2021

NEW - We have many more services than any other DJ in ALberta!

Make it simple to book multiple services with just one provider, and save $$ while doing so!

Price points and options for ALL situations & budgets.

Talk to us! We help you to make the right choice. No pressure, just helpful information.

Free, complimentary Live Video Chats & demos

to help you make the right choices!

Advanced DJ packages

Best presentation quality - Displays like you've never seen

at a private party! We beat every other "high end" DJ in Calgary


Music Video / Karaoke Dance party


Combine dance lighting with a giant 15ft Music Video display,

which can be used for additional presentation purposes also (such as

projecting live cameras, karaoke, slideshows and media playback)


"Ultimate Dance floor"


The VERY BEST Dance visuals & excitement

True High end production for the most exciting dance floor!

You've never been to private party that had such an exciting dancefloor light display! Different visuals with every song!

- Your choice of a massive front facing lightshow OR

a complete 4 corner "surround" lightshow

2021 Sounds Delicious DJ

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