Live Stream your wedding!

We are your one stop shop! Why waste time and effort looking around when we have you covered for ALL your music, lighting & video needs?

There is no other Calgary area DJ company that can produce your ceremony & reception entertainment, also record and "live stream" your wedding to professional standards... And we do it for previously impossible, AFFORDABLE prices 1/4 of the "competition"

Whether you need a DJ and or Video... We beat them ALL!

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How does a "DJ" company produce VIDEO?

Owner / Operator Kevin Kurek has worked in a variety of jobs within the media industry for over 30 years... Including broadcast Television! He runs both: Sounds Delicious DJ and VideoTekk productions!


Kevin has worked at places like the CBC, Rogers Cable, Energy TV post facility, and City TV among others. He operated cameras, live on-air sound, produced his own TV show, closed captioned, and has experience in just about every television position! He also has extensive experience as a recording engineer and soundtech for concerts! Sounds Delicious is more than your regular DJ

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Utilizing a state of the art “mobile TV studio”:


“VideoTekk" can document your live event for a fraction of the cost of competitors and we can do even more!


Traditional video producers cost $2500 to $7000 typically and you have to wait 3 months to see edited "highlights"!

We give you immediate results with the live stream, AND the fully edited full length final copy just days afterwards for prices typically ranging from $499 to $999!!!

- We bring 30+ years experience in broadcast TV, & live shows

- Multi-Camera production engages the viewer & captures the real emotion of the day


- Looks like "Live TV" complete with graphic fx, titling, scenes & segments, additional media, etc


- Live Stream AND the fully edited final video supplied for a 1/4 of the cost of "traditional" videographers!


- We specialize exclusively in Streaming… Advanced features no "photographer" can offer


- See the difference with numerous examples posted


If you want a high quality video worth watching for years to come: We are your best choice!



VideoTekk has REAL streaming expertise.

Trust US for your important day


“VideoTekk” productions


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Professional Live Streaming service

For individuals, small business, & larger events!


Multi-Camera event coverage of almost any type!

Types of Events we cover:

Sports, Conferences, Weddings, Graduations,

Concerts, Tutorials, Product demos, Biz profiles,

Real Estate, Fashion shows, Interviews, Funerals… You name it!



We are the high quality & affordable alternative.

Don't pay for their staff and storage space...

Pay for what you receive, at far less than the going rate for normal corporate production! We make it possible!


Now there is no reason not to showcase & promote your personal event or business!