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Wedding Packages

Three Wedding package choices to suit desired features and price points
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Choice 1 - Silver - $1195

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(Smaller gatherings, "micro" up to 75 people - No ceremony)

- Reception / Dance only, 6 hours duration

- Ability to setup in smaller spaces, suitable for "micro" weddings

- High quality speakers with SUBS included by default

- 2 wireless mics

- 2 Gigbars, 2 Led4x, 2 “Quad or Spyder” lights

- 2 Wireless mics included

- 1 Hazer

- For a Medium to Large gathering, 75 - 150 people

- High quality speakers with SUBS included by default

- 2 wireless mics

- 5 Led4x lights

- Either 2 "Duo Spot" centerpiece or 2 "Wave" lights depending on room dimensions

- 2 Wireless mics

- 1 Hazer or 2 Geysers

- Up to EIGHT hours duration

- (4 hours dance, 1hr entrance / cocktail, 2hrs dinner, 1hr speeches)

Choice 2 - Gold - $1495

Our recommended wedding package.

This covers the needs of 85% of weddings.

Everything you need for a fabulous event at a price that beats the competition while giving you MORE!

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Choice 3 - Platinum - $1995

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(For those that want the very best, high quality presentation

We give you MORE than with ANY other DJ priced above this!)

- Large gatherings, 150+ people, or just because it is the best possible!

- Custom lighting design for the room including

- up to 5 Led4x lights

- up to 4 Duo spot lights

-  up to 4 “Wave” lights

- Lasers and UV lighting

- 2 Geyser machines

- Monogram with projector

- Uplighting for the head table and wall behind it

- 2 Wireless mics

- Additional Speakers for patio or additional room, or just extra sound reinforcement should they be needed

- Wireless transmitters for audio and video

- Support for laptops or other visual presentations

- Video switching for cameras / various media sources to screens

- Up to EIGHT hours duration

Dance Examples from our events - What you can expect to see!

Common features of all packages

  • Complimentary, no pressure Video Chat consultations

  • Flexibility to change things and full support for planning in text, email, phone as needed right up to the event start! You can always gets ahold of us for help

  • Early setup & testing (typically 4 to 6 hours before event begins)

  • Teardown after from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on size of package chosen

  • Cue planning & special instructions to follow for significant events (entrances, first dances, "must have" songs, etc). We tailor everything to suit what you are looking for as a result

  • Full range, quality brand name sound system (ALWAYS including subs). No extra charge compared to others!

  • 2 Wireless mics for speeches / announcements​, feedback free guaranteed!

  • Backup equipment used for ALL essentials, ensuring “glitch free” events

  • High End presentation (cool light shows with PRO lighting fixtures) for far less $ than other services, and far above "budget" DJ's

  • No firm cutoff times: We don’t pull the plug if the dance is still hot! (Venue permitting)

  • Experience as a musician, technical operator, and media professional of 30 years+ working in front of a live audience guarantees: The right song at the right time!

  • All request music, planned favourites combined with knowledgable DJ selections to maintain energy & avoid “mood killers” keeps the party happening right til the end! (See our videos for the proof where others only claim to do so!)

  • Advance site inspection & area sourcing (free in Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks area range) - This prevents potential problems, aids design, ensures success. We also research the facility online and talk to Venue representatives to prepare for proper setup in the case of out of town events.

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