Examples of Dances - Video & Photos

See the kind of production quality and fun you can have when you choose "Sounds Delicious"!

We show you the proof upfront with numerous videos and photos from our actual events... Not clip art!

Be confident that you are booking a service which will make your event a success!

Fancy lighting custom design
Video demos

We are the only DJ service that extensively films our gigs and SHOWS! You can easily see that we have superior production quality...

This way, you know before you deposit any money that Sounds Delicious DJ will meet your expectations!

Most other companies don't let you see  what their presentations look like clearly for a reason. You can trust what you see up front with Sounds Delicious DJ

ALL my videos including "behind the scenes"  are available on my youtube channel also.

People dancing
Photo Gallery

Lots of picture examples of the fun and frolic from various past events. Thousands more images on my Instagram page

A good way to see the custom lighting setups, crowd reactions...


These are actual event photos taken from my Real gigs: This is real proof of quality!

Not clip art as you see on so many other companies pages!

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