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Why use us for DJ services?

We’ve got the competition beat in every way! How specifically?

Full range high quality sound systems… Sub woofers are ALWAYS included, not an extra expense as with others.


Experience! There are few Djs that have the musical knowledge we posess! All eras from 1950s to modern, and almost every style within them is familiar for immediate recall on the spot as the mood strikes

We plan for and use what is most appropriate for the purpose from a variety of PA systems types, so you always have the best sound in the situation, no matter the size or arrangement of the room!

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Other companies show you "clip art" of equipment they don't even use, and other peoples dance events to make themselves look good! Everything we show you we have filmed ourselves from our own events!

Sounds Delicious shows you upfront what kind of quality you can expect with media fully demonstrating performances at our actual events! Visual Proof! Hundreds of actual event demo videos and pictures.


You can quickly SEE the difference in quality and know that you are getting a top notch product! We PROVE it to you!


Check our our demos on our website, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook!

We have a wide range of complimentary / related services that people typically need as part of weddings and special events available. We are one of the most all encompassing services around! Complete Audio / Visual" production!


Why deal with several services when we make it easy? We are your one stop shop, and we give you a better deal on top of that with our COMBO service discounts! $100 off each major service you book with us!

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Hands down, we have the best, most exciting light shows at every price point. Not just a claim! SEE the proof in our up front pictures and videos!

Most often you find DJ's that demonstrate their "minimum effort" services when they show up with a few cheap light FX you could buy at the mall! There are a lot of them out there, yet you will often pay as much or more with them!

From our very beginnings, Sounds Delicious has set the standard for advanced, exciting light shows!


We utilize professional concert quality lighting, custom designed to suit your event! You have different visuals for every single song! It doesn’t get boring, we stimulate crowd participation this way! Our demo videos prove this!

Sounds Delicious DJ has reasonable prices and various price points to choose from. We don’t need to offer “sales” because our prices are already  fair and reasonable! If others are always advertising $$ off their regular price, then maybe it was too much to begin with!


The average “going rate" out there starts at $1500 to $2800 in providing just the basics (that should be) standard with the so called "high end" DJ's!


Below $800 you have “questionable” services and take risks that they might cancel or not even show up when they find a better paying client!

We give you far MORE features, included gear and services, and professionalism at every price point!

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We deliver High end, detailed PRO level production quality


Not just a claim as you often hear, and something others cannot easily match.


We have 30+ years experience in broadcast TV, live theatre productions, concerts, the media and More!!!


We have the technical expertise and experience that few services can compare to. You can trust us to pull things off correctly & there are no last minute glitches because of lengthy advance preparation and backup equipment for everything!

From our free initial video chat consultation, we are there to personally help you plan and tailor your experience to suit your wishes…

We care about your event enough that we do preliminary site inspections with the facilities reps that you are holding your party with.

We are happy to provide support with as many phone calls, emails, and changes that are needed to ensure things go just the way you wish.


We give you a personal touch more “corporate” services will not take the time for.

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