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to help you make the right choices!

Next: A picture example from the above video,

of the viewpoints available when using multiple cameras!

At any time I can choose to view a particular camera to follow the action!

This is why you do not miss a good moment!

The more cameras I use, the more comprehensive the coverage!


Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 11.55.16 AM.jpg

An example from the above Video "Jomon & Gennie"

of what I have to choose from when using 6 remote controlled cameras...

And remember, all camera views can be changed to follow the action as it happens!

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 4.55.08 PM.jpg

More great examples

Reception Excerpt: Shoe game

Reception Excerpt: The Dance

Still more examples!

Behind the scenes of the above

Even more examples on my Youtube channel and Recent events gallery

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