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How does a "DJ" company produce VIDEO?

This is NOT just a DJ business!


Owner / Operator Kevin Kurek has worked in a variety of jobs in the media & music industry for over 30 years... Including broadcast Television! He runs both: "Sounds Delicious" DJ & "VideoTekk" productions


Kevin has worked at places like the CBC, Rogers Cable, Energy TV post facility, City TV, and Grey Eagle Casino among others.

He operated cameras, live on-air sound, sound tech'd Concerts, worked in recording studios, produced albums, created his own on air TV show, edited, closed captioned, Live Streamed, and has experience in just about every television position!


Check my resume on "Linked In"

Kevin with "Sounds Delicious" & "VideoTekk" provides much more than a regular DJ or Video Service

We are your one stop shop!


Why waste time and effort looking around when we have you covered for ALL your music, lighting, video or even Photo needs?

There is NO other Calgary area "DJ" company that can produce your ceremony & reception entertainment, and also record and "live stream" your wedding to professional standards... And we do it for previously impossible, AFFORDABLE prices at least 1/2 of the "competition"!

Whether you need a DJ, a Video or anything related... We beat them ALL! We don't just SAY that either like others: We demonstrate our ability to produce reliable, professional grade events through Live online demos, Video Chats, on site meetings. There are also hundreds of videos & photos from our actual events... Things the "competition" do not demonstrate! You never know what you might get with others, but you can be assured of the final results before you book with us!

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