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Live Event Videography - Recorded Video

2 choices to capture all or part of your wedding as your budget permits

Everything that goes on from a variety of camera angles is captured.

This is  a HUGE difference over any other service AND we are $1000 below other Videographers!


We beat the competition for the most extensive coverage  & give you results no one else in Alberta neither provides nor can match! We are the ONLY video producer that gives you so many viewpoints! Every event, every action and reaction is presented!

Choice 1 - $995

5 camera recording

(Ceremony only or optionally include the reception)

Quality coverage and a great price!


- Up to Two hours of recorded video

- Five 1080p HD cameras

- Editing included

- Direct mixer audio and ambient sound (various mic sources)

- Battery powered for outdoor locations

- Delivery in just a few weeks! by digital download, Flash drive, in 1080p, 720p sizes and “Master copy”. DVD image also available

Optional add-ons:

- Add 4 more hours recording time to also capture the reception = $495

- Add live streaming ability & data usage to 4 camera viewpoints $300hr

- Add ALL raw & edited video on a 2-3tb hardrive for $500

Choice 2 - $2495

Up to 20 camera recording viewpoints

Full Ceremony & Reception

Quality coverage and incredible value!  You can easily spend over $3500 for a two camera service! No one else offers this!


- Up to Six hours (or more if needed) of recorded video on 20 cameras! This covers typical ceremony AND reception lengths up to “first dances”

- More than one area can be positioned and or recorded simultaneously, facilitating quick location switches

- Shoot with an incredible 15 to 20, HD cameras 

- Editing included, typical viewing length is 3 hours!

- Several direct mixer audio and ambient sound (various microphone sources)
- Delivery in just weeks by digital download, flash drive, in 1080p, 720p sizes and “Master copy”, DVD image also available

- Battery powered for outdoor locations anywhere


- VideoTekk is the ONLY video provider in Alberta that offers this many viewpoints! You will not find more complete and comprehensive coverage of your event anywhere else! Plus, we are more economical than every other business out there that shoots with merely two cameras!


This is by far your best deal for full length live documentation of every moment... Typically 3 hours in length, and not merely a 5 minute highlight as others offer!


Optional add-ons:

- Add live streaming ability and data usage to four camera viewpoints = $300hr

- Add all raw & edited video on a 2-3tb hardrive for $500

View site on desktop PC for best results

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