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Real Client compliments we've received

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Maureen - (Received a live stream)

(July 2020)

Hi Kevin,

We have sat down and watched the updated HD edit to our ceremony and I'm so grateful that you spent the time putting that together! The original stream was good but the edit made me really really happy, so thank you. The ceremony was captured so beautifully and we will appreciate having this. 


Thanks again for all the work you put into our wedding day and editing this, we will enjoy getting to relive our big day many times over and our guests streaming online truly loved it!



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From Alanna M (received live stream services)

June 2020

Hey Kevin! I re-watched the ceremony video you shot for us and it was so beautiful. I am so grateful that you were able to come up and do that for us. I can't express to you how much that matters to me. You did such an amazing job and were so professional. I have recommended you to a few people! I am just so glad and grateful you were able to do this for us, thank you again!

Caitlyn (who received Live Stream & DJ services)

Oct 2020

Hi Kevin!


Thank you so much for this, the edited version looks great! This is an EXCELLENT video! And you're right that this will be better than what the other videographer produces because he's just doing one of those 5 minute cinematic videos, it won't have all of the ceremony in it so this is FANTASTIC for us!!


Thank you so much for all of your hard work, I am so grateful that we had you as part of the team, I truly would not have been able to pull this off without you and you definitely went above and beyond the call of duty for us, I cannot express how thankful I am. 


And I can't believe that was your "basic" DJ package!! I laughed and laughed - you even had a fog machine, Kevin!! I was telling people if this was your basic package I'd be WILD to see what the bells and whistles one is like! LOL!! Everyone had an absolute BLAST, that was so perfect having such a good mix and variety! Pantera all the way to the spice girls really captured the essence of Vrej and I. 😂😂


Anyway, thank you for being part of our day, if there is anywhere I can drop a review for you please let me know! We'll be singing your praises, that's for sure!!


All the best!! 

Caitlyn & Vrej 

Brenna & Mitchell - (Received a live stream)

(Sept 2020)

Hi Kevin, 


Thank you so much for being part of the day. We are so glad we had you livestream the event and are incredibly happy with how it all turned out. 


Breanne - (Received a DJ & Photobooth combo)

(Dec 2018  &  2019 partes)

Thanks Kevin! We had a great night!



Digital Marketing Coordinator

Foothills Creamery Ltd.

Kevin & Marsha Burrill - (Received a Karaoke party) -

(April 2019)

That was awesome! Thank you so much! We will definitely see you again for another party! We had a lot of fun!



Otto & Ersilia - (Received DJ services) - Oct 2019

Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to say thank you again for being the DJ at our wedding - hopefully you know that we were very happy with your services!  


Will for sure keep you in mind and will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs your services!


We wish you all the best!



Melvina & Andy - (Received DJ services & Documentary event video) - (Oct 2019)

Kevin, I don’t know how to thank you enough.  That is such a great memory and job well done.  I didn’t realize I missed so much going on at the time in seeing the video after.


We sure won’t hesitate twice about referring you to someone.  We are so happy we were put in touch with you.

Thanks again,


BJ Zoobkoff - (Received DJ services) - (June 2018)

Share and like my good friend Kevin Kurek DJ page! 
He is amazing! He plays at Boddums Up Pub every Friday and is the man behind the Mic at the yearly Talent Search there too!

I hired him to play at my company Christmas Party and everyone loved him and he played to the crowd which has many diverse backgrounds!

I HIGHLY recommend him for any event big or small! We love our Kevin regularly at Boddums Up pub!

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