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We are your clear, best value in event Video. Why?

What we give you verses the "competition"


- True, professional Multi-Camera live stream that is like watching regular TV. Typically 12 camera angles or more compared to others 1 or (maybe) 2. Much greater long term viewing interest.


- A FULLY EDITED, FULL LENGTH video... Not just a 5 minute "highlight" video largely consisting of slow motion effects! We show you everything that happened. Relive the complete event years later!

- Our total cost is half of typical Videographers We give you what they give (and more) for far less cost, with far less wait!

- Other Videographers and (particularly) photographers CLAIM to live stream by simply holding their personal phones while doing what they regularly do... The "competition" has no proper backup, no secure internet, no direct recorded audio, no guarantee the stream will not be interrupted... It is a big risk working with services such as these (which we have personally witnessed). VideoTekk knows all the hazards involved in live streaming and takes every possible precaution to ensure success with proper planning, site inspections, and backup gear!

The VideoTekk advantage: There is simply no comparison!

WHY choose VideoTekk for Video production?

Technical reasons:

  • Price points to fit every budget level from personal to corporate

  • Pay less than with ANY traditional videographer or AV house

  • Virtually any kind of live event type can be live streamed with a variety of pro grade options

  • Emphasis on quality, advanced features and reliability

  • Backup equipment for everything because the show must go on!

  • Quality - No shaky cams, no bad audio, no interruptions

  • MULTI-CAMERA production that looks like broadcast TV

  • Shoot with up to to 15 cameras and other media sources

  • State of the art wireless production: Shoot in places you never could before

  • No extra camera men are generally needed & fees are therefore tremendously reduced

  • A verity of camera types to suit the situation including: Remote controlled "Pan Tilt Zoom” as well as “traditional”

  • Able to shoot in multiple locations, pause, and resume live streams

  • Live visual effects on all sources

  • Graphics, Titling, Powerpoint & other media can be integrated

  • Green screen production

  • Set lighting

  • Virtual sets and themed shows can be custom designed


  • Clear direct audio, fully mixed

  • Audio captured on multiple microphones

  • Separate audio mixes for stream and live in-room audience

  • Private invitational only viewing on a custom web page

  • True Password protected private streams, not “unpublished social media”

  • Easy, single click to view stream on any device

  • Interact with viewers via integrated messaging

  • Multi-site streaming

  • Pay per view for high end public events

  • “Bonded” Internet for uninterrupted streams

  • Delay free, in-room viewing with Projectors / TV’s / LED walls

  • Advance site inspections, setup, & testing to help ensure success

  • Screen & projector rentals available

  • No waiting: Immediate downloadable copy of stream available

  • Edited HD quality final movie delivered by digital download


VideoTekk has worked in professional TV and Live sound productions for over 30 years! Experience makes a difference in quality, reliability, and features! We didn’t just hop on the live streaming “band wagon” now that its “hot" as with so many others. Trust US to capture your live one time only events!


Others claim to “live stream”

Only VideoTekk gives you PROFESSIONAL results!

Memories worth watching years from now!

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