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"Sounds Delicious" came about because of requests people were making to the owner / operator, Kevin Kurek who is a professional sound and video tech in the media and music industry. Kevin has worked in recording studios,  the television & video industry, and most recently had been doing live sound & lighting for bands, clubs and casinos. People saw and heard the quality productions and live shows he produced and then wondered "could you do something for our office party, wedding, etc"?
Before long Kevin saw that there was a need for a DJ business that was "better than the average", yet remaining more affordable than what was typically out there. Kevin's expertise & creativity helped him to start up something that  people immediately recognized as being different than the rest: A quality product, and a business that personally cared for the success of every event.
Now "Sounds Delicious DJ & Karaoke service" puts on the parties you always wanted to see yet never quite imagined! Unique features with higher production values in every category, while retaining reasonable prices are what makes it better! Dances that utilize more spectacular lighting effects than you would normally see, turn each event a real club experience, a real "show". Adding Karaoke into the dances makes for a combination of good music, with increased fun and participation for all that breaks the ice for guests.
"Sounds Delicious" continues to always improve its services and shows, always upgrading and buying the best equipment and lighting effects. Every event is custom designed for the best in exciting lighting arrangements, and the DJ always plays what the people ask for, not what they want to program! You can see the difference when you go to a "Sounds Delicious" contracted event! Check out our demo videos to see the enthusiastic response!


Kevin DJ'd our reception and ceremony on Sept 18, 2016, and we loved working with him! Kevin was readily available up to the wedding and thoroughly answered our questions. He had a karaoke system (which we loved), gave a great light show, and had a smoke machine, while keeping it all classy and kid friendly. He was in regular communication to make sure we were all on the same page and that he was doing his best to accomplish what we wanted. Kevin consistently went above and beyond!

Recommendation from Sami & Queena's wedding

I just wanted to write a review on an event that I hosted at my home in March 2016. Let's start with a little background about me, I have some great friends and we like to get together for events, bbq, games nights... at my home usually every 2 months. 

After a few requests to try something new, we decided to have a Karaoke party at my home with about 30 people. Honestly, I was not sure how this event would go, as this was something that we have never done before and with limited area in my living room for space.

Kevin arrived with his crew a few hours before the event, to set up his equipment and he made the decisions on the best areas to place his sound and lighting equipment. After placing the equipment, they taped down all sound and electrical cords so there would be no accidents and then removed all extra equipment and boxes to make the area much larger.

The karaoke night was a huge success and everyone had fun. Even with the small area, the light show was fantastic and making the experience even more successful with the singers feeling like a Rock Star. Kevin had a few binders set up on a table with song listings and even easier for the participants to decide on a song and then giving them time to prepare. 

He did a great job hosting the karaoke and making sure that the crowd was involved in the evening and no matter how good/bad a singer that they were number one. He did also sing a few songs with some shy and experienced singers to get the crowd participating as well. I must admit there was a lot of background singers in the kitchen and also many songs where people were dancing away in the open area in front on the stage area.

I must admit that I thought that this event would be a little loud and might get myself in trouble with the neighbors. We did have a window or two open for fresh air and at the same time, I did go out to the street and backyard to check the sound levels. The placement of the speakers kept the noise in the home; I checked with the neighbors the next day and no complaints - a huge bonus!

At the end of the evening Kevin professionally removed all the karaoke equipment and moved/replaced furniture back to the original places. 

I was very impressed with Kevin's professional karaoke night and will be contacting him again in the future for other events. I have already given his name to others for their wedding in October 2016 for a DJ event and I am sure that they will be impressed as well.

On behalf of my friends, thank you again for an awesome event and looking forward to the next one.

Mike O (Chaparral - Calgary).

Mike O - Social Club organizer

Sounds Delicious DJ & Karaoke Services by Kevin is awesome. He's been establishing himself for awhile and it shows. He was organized and ready to go at the start of our event. The light show really added to the Karaoke. I loved it!!! He made me feel comfortable to get up there and belt out 3 songs even though I know I'm not a brilliant singer. Emma

Emma's review

Went to an event hosted by Kevin, we had a great time! He had a DJ booth for party music as well as doing some karaoke! He says he has any song you can possibly imagine and he wasn't wrong! (and I tried to stump him to no avail, haha). He also has these awesome light shows that he custom designs himself to go along with the music to create a awesome party atmosphere! Overall everything was awesome! Thanks for the great night Kevin!

Samantha's surprise birthday party

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