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Complete Audio Visual production

DJ - Photobooth - Videography - Live Streams & more

Nearly everything you might need in one place - Options for every budget

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Latest news - Nov 10 2023

- New pricing for 2024 with a large number of EXPANDED OPTIONS in all categories as well as some price REDUCTIONS! There is something for every budget.

By popular demand:

We have created a whole new selection of options for "Weddings on a Tight Budget"!

- HOME BASED PARTIES: We created a whole new category of extremely budget friendly party options starting at an incredible $250!!! All the convenience and privacy of your home with friends. At these prices, you can throw a party for any reason... just because you want to!

- Be sure to read our updated "testimonials" page! Real reviews from our clients!

This is the kind of Dance excitement we consistently generate!

We have hundreds of pictures & videos from our events
that PROVE we do it better!

See what you get in advance!

Multi-Camera Video production unlike any other service in Alberta!
If you would like to have a clear, memory of your wedding day or other event,
we capture it unlike any other Video producer! 

We specialize in FULL LENGTH, "as it happened" Multi-Camera video shoots
using up to 15 cameras and even more viewing angles!

We are the ONLY ALBERTA service that offers this,
for prices that are less than a 5 minute "highlight" video!


Save time, trouble, and receive discounts when combining different services!

We make it simple reducing the need for several vendors!

We supply almost everything related to Audio and Video...
30 years of experience producing Weddings, Albums, Broadcast TV, Live shows & Concerts...

We have the expertise to design & produce events that other DJ or Videographer businesses couldn't begin to tackle!

Free video chat consultations give helpful clarification without any pressure sales...

We show you everything up front, with all prices revealed, do site inspections, and present numerous examples before you spend anything.


Always reachable in text 24/7 for support! Videochat consultations

"Budget" service providers cannot be counted on not to cancel at the last minute. Don't take a chance on them with your important occasion!


We are highly recommended by over 32 businesses on "Alignable"

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